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Modem Speed Test

If you work at home, homeschool your kids, have a business in your house, or count on the internet for things like research, deals and budgeting - you MUST have a strong internet connection. These tips are designed to give you ideas and ways to test your

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Virgin Media Super Hub 3 Existing Virgin Media customers can now get their hands on a brand new router if they want to (new customers get it by default of course). Launched almost a year ago now the redesigned Hub 3.0 (or Super Hub 3) shares the same vertical form factor as its predecessors but adopts a more industrial harsher utilitarian design. The router (also known as the VMDG505) is available to all new Virgin Media broadband customers for free as mentioned. Existing customers can…

Does More Internet Speed Have A Positive Impact on Productivity? I could tell the difference right away as the new cable modem came into service, and oh, by the way, you will need somebody at your ISP to authorize your new cable modem by serial number and MAC address... I bit of a pain in the butt... Yet the results are well worth it. Check out some of my initial speed test results in the charts below:

Learn About IntelligentHome - I want something like this but my power source would be solar.

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