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Mobo Org

— 160 —une installation multisensorielle créée par Pierre & Joël RODIÈRE de Trafik, produite par TETRO et présentée à Singapour, au River Nights Festival 2015, sur l’invitation de l’Asian Civilisations Museum(


It’s a tradition that some say predates celebrating Christmas. Bringing a real miniature pine tree in to your home at this time of year and putting all kinds of shiny decorations on it, is something that happens in millions of homes around the world. If you don’t already have a Christmas tree put up at your place it may be too late to arrange one for this year. However, we hope we can give you some ideas for the future. We put together a wide selection of alternative trees, ranging from…

MOBO- A new free generic optimization tool that looks extremly useful. It can be found at