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Had one of those days yesterday. i miss you mom | Repinned from Missing ∞ Mom by Julie ~

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I miss you, Mom, the strong woman you used to be, but for now I can still have your hugs and see your sweet smile.

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Every time I think of you, well I can't express my feeling in words and my eyes just started to flood. Miss you so much that I never dare to tell anyone, it's just way too hard to control. I wish you're doing good in your world <3

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I miss you both. You were my best friends. I could trust the both of you with any secret I had, I still can. I know you're watching me, even from heaven. I hope I'm making you proud. I hope I'm becoming that grown up woman that you want me to be. I wish the both of you were still here, but He took you for good reasons, you were both living a life of pain and He wanted to end your suffering. I hope you're dancing on those clouds now. R.I.P Nana Doris and Grandpa Ralph

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its unfair, people who don't appreciate their mother still have one, but I don't. More

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I've tried to call you a few answer. I believe you can hear me so I talk to you when I'm out walking.