THAT is a great question!  Why do people keep voting for Republican politicians?  They are solely there to make their rich donors and themselves richer - they are most certainly not there for their constituents.
Unless they are stopped, these men and others in the present time could be the proof of prior historic statements that the USA will be destroyed from within ...
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It's a shame u actually have to tell people that or that some people don't get that.
Another great card from the lovely Miss Paula
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You are so missed.
Yes we do…Lol!  Wait... I didn't vote that direction!  Someone else voted it in and sent it to DC!
DELUSION RUNS IN THE FAMILY.  Near-Miss Abortion Eric Trump: 'The People Of This Country Love My Father'
Because Hillary's emails were a more severe risk, but sure glad we now have "TrumpCare" where we pay more for a lot less healthcare coverage.