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7 Body-Changing Tips From Miss America's Trainer

The trainer of the newly crowned Miss America as well as other pageant contestants shares a beauty queen's fitness secrets.

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Thelma Porter, Miss Subways New York City, 1948. Thelma was the first woman to integrate a beauty contest in America and became the first African American Miss Subways in April, 1948.

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Miss Black America

Author and Producer Sunny Nash, 1970. The First African American Miss America contestant with the title of Iowa..

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Miss Black America… A lot of people never even heard of it or knew the pageant even existed. Some people don’t agree with what “beauty pageants” consist of at all and thats understandable, but the origin of The Miss Black America Pageant and its intent is something to be admired and respected. It started in 1968, in Philadelphia, PA. by J. Morris anderson as a protest against the very popular “Miss America” Pageant for them having very few African-American women in their contest and no…

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Bert Parks-WW2-China/Burma/India Theatre (Singer/Radio/TV/Announcer-best known for hosting "The Miss America Contest")

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1927: The first Miss America from Illinois was the one who kept the title the longest, from 1927 to 1933. Her extended reign had less to do with her "pulchritude" (a word that turns up a lot in old Miss America news stories) than with the pageant's cancellation due to complaints that the contestants not only exposed their flesh but also wanted some compensation for participating. But Lois Delander, who was only 16, just wanted to finish high school. She did, later married and lived in…

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Miss America 1973 - Congratulations to the new Miss America who was just crowned tonight! Such an amazing organization of strong women!

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