Misao Okawa is not your average centenarian. In fact, this lovely lady just so happens to be the world's oldest woman. Okawa, who was born on 5 March 1898, will soon turn 117 years old. And in doing so, will become the third person to ever reach t...

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http://japan.mycityportal.net - World's oldest woman turns 115 in Japan - Inquirer.net - Inquirer.netWorlds oldest woman turns 115 in JapanInquirer.netJapans 114-year-old woman Misao Okawa (C) smiles as she is recognized as the worlds oldest woman by the Guinness World Record as her 90-year-old son Hiroshi (L)... - http://japan.mycityportal.net/2013/03/worlds-oldest-woman-turns-115-in-japan-inquirer-net/

World's oldest person, Misao Okawa, dies weeks after 117th birthday | World news | The Guardian

http://japan.mycityportal.net - Misao Okawa of Japan named world's oldest woman at 114 - The Guardian - The GuardianMisao Okawa of Japan named worlds oldest woman at 114The GuardianA 114-year-old Japanese woman born in the same year that radium was discovered has been recognised as the worlds oldest woman by Guinness World Records. Misao Okawa ... Article by (c) "Japan" - Google... - http://news.google.com/news/url?sa=tfd=Rusg=AFQjCNFyprEIgoCWsW3OguIEiE

The record for the oldest living person is currently held by Misao Okawa from Japan, who turned 116 in March.

Misao Okawa, la Japonaise récemment déclarée la plus vieille femme du monde par le Guinness World Records, a fêté mardi son 115e anniversaire.

God bless the World's oldest woman Misao Okawa who just celebrated 117th Birthday. This picture reminds me of how I felt after my latest kidney stone.

Misao Okawa is the world's oldest person at 117 http://jacybrean.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/fountain-of-youth-could-humans-live.html

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