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15 Minimalist Hacks To Maximize Your Life

Keep your counters clear. If it doesn’t fit in a cabinet, ask yourself if you use it often enough to warrant looking at it every day. I’m looking at you, juicer.


We love this kitchen! You can achieve the same look by using our hickory maple benchtops, black gloss panels and bar handles... +kaboodle kitchen

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Clever Designs That Reinvent The Humble Dish Drying Rack

MINIMALISTIC. the resaon this represents minimalistic style of design is because ofits straight simple lines, dull tones and emphasis on simplicity the plates are white with no designs. the counter is a sheer raw aluminum. the principle of design this best represents is unity, these natural materials go very well together in this peice and are compliments to each other.


Grey modern and minimalist kitchen cabinets with a touch of blue in the paint, dark leather DIY drawer and cabinet pulls, glossy white square tile backsplash done in alternating brick pattern, industrial black and brass single bulb pendant lights, and potted plants and indoor terrariums on the gray and white carrara marble kitchen counter tops.


Tamizo | Flat in historic building | Warsaw | 2012/////contest/////Which interior item in this picture are improving the acoustics? Your right answer gives you one more follower /////// Dedicated to deliver superior interior acoustic experince.#pinoftheday///////

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My Perfect Minimalist Kitchen for a Family

Creating a Family-Sized Minimalist Kitchen -an itemized list of what one family uses and why | 31 Days Exploring Minimalism | minimalist living, simple living