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Did you know potbellied pigs are some of the most social creatures? Here are 10 facts to know about potbellied pigs!

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How To Care For Your Pot Belly Pig

A pot belly pig can make a wonderful pet. They are intelligent, sociable, bond well with the family and are easy to train. The defining characteristics of the pot belly pig are a swayed back, short legs, ears that stand erect and a straight tail. Of course the most noticeable feature of the pot belly pig, and the reason for the name, is the pronounced pot belly. Not all pot bellied pigs are small or miniature. Some can reach 200 pounds upon maturity.

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Miniature Pigs! you know I want one of these and it would travel with me on a leash.

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Potbelly Pig Pen | Now I realize most people don't have a pet pig, but, most of us have ...

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Mini Pigs- i must have one. they're about 20 lbs, full grown. Photos of Royal Dandies, the smallest miniature potbellied pigs (potbelly pigs).

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How Do You Pick Up a Baby Pot Bellied Pig?

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Pigs are extremely intelligent and very trainable, and Gopher quickly learned how to “dance.”

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