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A cuddly Scottish Cow

Calling Happy Hens And Highlands Farm home, these adorable bovine bundles of fluff might not immediately strike you as your typical cute animal. But after seeing some of these darling heifers, you'll be in love.

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They're miniature cows, y'all. MINIATURE COWS! And, you can milk them and make DIY yogurt and miniature Polly Pocket cheeses!!! Mark, honey?

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Mini cows for meat and milk NOTE: I did not originally pin this, however, I would like to pass on some words of wisdom. I have seen numerous pins praising Dexter cows: my aunt raised them and said they eat as much as regular sized cows, they don't milk well and they do not produce hardly any meat because of their bone structure; there is a reason why they haven't caught on so please research!

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This is an adorable Mini Highland! OMG I totally want to have one for a pet! Is that possible?!?!?!

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This cow is the pet for the Apollo cabin. Thanks to some help from the Hecate cabin (we love you guys) it stays this size forever. But we need a name for this cutie. So comment options below.<---- GUYS HIS NAME LUCIFER

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Mini cow!!! So adorable. Farm Photos from Monadnock Valley Beef and Bison

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