MCPE 0.16 Slash Commands have been announced!

Today we will learn about Minecraft PE slash commands. In the Boss Update of Minecraft PE update has exciting aspect, is the addition of slash commands.

Check out these high-altitude farming techniques! Village is right by spawn. Seed for Minecraft (PC/Mac):glowjar

The villagers in this Minecraft Seed have taken to high altitude mountain farming! Seed for Minecraft (PC/Mac).

Sounds like something my girls would do. I'm starting to think I'm raising dictators

I taught that Villager.

Teach a man to farm.this is for my Minecraft freak of a daughter, LillyAnn!

This is SO useful for me!

Let's try this. having a lot of trouble! I actually got iron,redstone,lapis lazuli,gold and emerald in this one world. Just can't find diamonds 💎

Easy Minecraft PE Stronghold Seed: burndown

This is a really easy stronghold seed for Minecraft PE. Spawn point is a few dozen blocks to a blacksmith village situated over the underground stronghold.