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Ways to Lead a More Spiritual Life

Hi! I tweet at @jbuliesblog. Here are ways to reconnect to lead a more positive, uplifting, spiritually focused life. Use these simple steps to experience a more spiritual connection on different levels everyday.

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Create a Mindful Morning to Inspire a Mindful Day

Discover meaningful mindfulness tips to help you create a more mindful morning! In this article, you will learn simple and interesting ways you can be more mindful in the morning, from waking up to your beauty routines. Click the link for the full article!

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15 Things Mindful People Do Differently

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Be Present: 9 Ways to Practise Mindfulness Each Day

Be Present: 9 Ways to Practice Mindfulness Each Day. Do you ever feel like your days are getting so crazy you can't remember one thing from the next? Here are a few ways I get real and present in the moment.

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A Meaningful Mindfulness Routine for Beginners

A meaningful mindfulness routine for beginners, including mindful eating, breathing, meditating and more!

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A Complete Guide To Develop A Healthy Soul. #healthy #zen

A Complete Guide To Develop A Healthy Soul

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How to Easily Sleep when your Mind is Preoccupied

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30-Day Self Care Challenge from Brianna Fae- Mental Health Blog. Set aside some time each day to take care of yourself to improve your physical and emotional health.

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