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Youth Mental Health Building, Brain and Mind Research Institute / BVN Architecture

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The Mysteries of the Heart. The Institute of Heart Math research Center in california provides scientifically validated methods devoted to harnessing the power of the heart and brain. They conduct research to help explain the connection and role of the heart in our emotion-based experiences.

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Daily motivation

This is another body positive message from the eating disorder community; however, I think this is an important consideration in talking of societal standards of femininity and beauty. Women are told explicitly and subliminally about their value being measured in pounds through media, socialization, and our modern institutions (critique).

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Teaching Math Without Words, A Visual Approach to learning math from dyslexic co-found of MIND research

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Youth Mental Health Building, Brain and Mind Research Institute / BVN Architecture

Built by BVN Architecture in Sydney, Australia When BVN won the 2011 Sulman Architecture Award at the Australian Institute of Architects Awards last Friday, it beca...

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Infographic: Meditation in Schools Across America

As a growing body of research points to positive outcomes from meditation in schools, programs are spreading across the country. Check out this infographic to see meditation's impact on the educational institutions that tried it.

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Tibetan singing bowls - one of the most timeless sounds i've heard. Scientific medical studies are discovering that the sound vibrations of dolphins, Tibetan bowls and choirs have a profound healing effect. Could this be the collective unconscious that Carl Jung refers to? A living collective library that contains all the knowledge of the Universe? - Center for Neuroacoustic Research and The California Institute for Human Science

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An octopus at the surface during a trawl conducted on a coastal expedition. Researchers from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, collected several specimens during their investigation of how marine life responds to a changing ocean climate.

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