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Creating a stimulating & effective mind map: 1. Start with the central topic 2. Use an image as your central idea to help with imagination 3. Use color to stimulate the brain and creativity 4. Connect “Branches” to the central image to establish structure & relationships. 5. Use curves – this looks more interesting visually 6. Use one main topic or keyword per line 7. Use LOTS of images...”a picture paints a thousand words"


Life Hacks : How to Jumpstart Your Career

Every wonder what's holding you back at work and in your career? It might be something more simple than you think. Have you ever lost track


How to Mind-Map Your Day

How to Mind-Map Your Day, wondering if there's an app. I do this all the time. Didn't know there was a name for it.


5 Mind Mapping Apps for Students with Learning Disabilities

Welcome to Part 5 of “There’s A Special App For That” series on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad apps for students with special needs. In this post we round up 5 great mind mapping apps for children with learning disabilities who are visual learners.


20 Awesome Typography Apps You Need For Really Beautiful Fonts

Project management doesn’t need to be a complicated thing, not if you have apps that make things a whole lot simpler. When you have project management apps, you can take care of your team, tasks and deadlines, without even being in the office.



Art and design "mind map" the brain is a beautiful thing and can be remapped with training-