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*The youngest passenger on board the ship, two month old Millvina Dean who, with her parents Bertram Sr. and Eva Dean and older brother Bertram, were emigrating from England to Kansas, died in 2009. She was the last survivor of the Titanic disaster to die.

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The last survivor of the Titanic incident, Millvina Dean. She was only 8 weeks old while aboard the ship of dreams. She and her family were 3rd class passengers; she, her mother and siblings survived, but her father perished that night. Millvina passed away in 2009.

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On April 10, 1912, Millvina Dean boarded Titanic in third class with her parents and older brother. Her father, Bertram Dean, perished with the ship. Tiny Millvina was lowered into a lifeboat and was rescued along with her mother and brother. Arriving in New York City with nothing but the clothes on their backs, they were soon greeted by charitable New Yorkers who gave them a small wicker suitcase filled with donated clothing to help rebuild their lives.

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*MILLVINA DEAN ~ was the youngest of all passengers on the Titanic. She was nine weeks old and survived the disaster with her mother and 23 month old brother. Millvina was also the last surviving passenger, dying in 2009.

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The Last Titanic Survivor Dies At 97, Millvina Dean was the last person to pass away from the Titanic when she died in her sleep this past Sunday. Millvina rode the boat in steerage with her mother and father and survived by being wrapped in a sack and lowered into a lifeboat. She died in Southampton, England.

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Millvina Dean's 100-Year-Old Titanic Suitcase -- She was the last Titanic Survivor - she died in 2009

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Oldest passenger to live was pictured here. Millvina Dean.She died when she was 97.The ironic thing is that she was the Youngest passenger onboard the Titanic.She was only 9 weeks old.

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Millvina Dean - 1912-2009 - Longest surviving passenger of the Titanic | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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Titanic Post Card Signed by Millvina Dean | eBay. "When this you see, Remember me, The baby saved from the sea."

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RMS TITANIC: APRIL 15, 1912 – APRIL 15, 2012

Titanic Survivors | RMS TITANIC: APRIL 15, 1912 – APRIL 15, 2012 | BEAUTIFUL, ALSO, ARE ...

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