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Got milk? You don’t need it… And that is why I don't drink milk.

Got milk? You don’t need it…

Got milk? You don’t need it… And that is why I don't drink milk.

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Raw milk contains lactase, the enzyme that digests lactose! All about the benefits of raw milk, plus facts about raw milk safety and health concerns.

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Collard greens and bone-in sardines are the best sources of calcium. Foods fortified with calcium (orange juice, nut milks, cereal) are as harmful as taking calcium pills so avoid those as well as large amounts of dairy.

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heart 6!! Milk is not just a fairy lie healthy to drink before bed as it's no longer scientifically viewed for human consumption (digestion) but now we know it has sickening ingredients!!

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9 Coconut Milk Nutritional Benefits + Recipes

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Health benefits of almond milk include improvement of vision, weight loss, healthy bones and strong and healthy heart. It helps in building strong muscles, maintaining ideal blood pressure and a well functioning kidney. It is also a good alternative for mother’s milk.

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Goat Milk Benefits Are Superior to Cow Milk

Goat milk benefits ---we love goats milk!! Wish we could get it more often. We have milk allergies, so this is a great option!

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