Pin for Later: Look Back at the Best Celebrity Halloween Candids  Paris Hilton did her best Miley Cyrus impression for Halloween, foam finger and all. Source: Instagram user parishilton

Look Back at the Best Celebrity Halloween Candids

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Miley Cyrus & her Wrecking Ball Couple's Halloween Costume

Miley Cyrus & her Wrecking Ball Couple's Costume

Remember when Miley Cyrus dressed up as Lil' Kim for Halloween? See the rest of the best celebrity Halloween costumes.

The All-Time Best Celebrities in Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

Pin for Later: 90 Cute, Crazy, and Creepy Celebrity Halloween Costumes Miley Cyrus dressed up as Lil' Kim from the 1999 VMAs in

Fashion hits and misses: The 2013 MTV Video Music AwardsFame wasn't kind to Fozzy Bear. After the Muppets, he fell in with a bad crowd. The days blended together in an endless parade of vices, until he could no longer meet his own bloodshot eyes in the mirror. Rock bottom came at the VMAs, when he finally dared to stare into the abyss, and Miley Cyrus' winking eye and poking tongue stared back.

Miley Cyrus attends the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards at the Barclays Center on August 2013 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.

Miley Cyrus Halloween Costumes | POPSUGAR Celebrity Photo 5

10 Ways to Be Miley Cyrus For Halloween

Miley Cyrus costume inspiration

Now you can dress like Miley Cyrus for Halloween

I dare you. Miley Cyrus VMA teddy bear costume Kit S M L XL Oh dear, I hope this isn't a Halloween favorite this year.

This Miley Cyrus outfit is a simple last-minute Halloween costume.

11 Can’t-Stop Miley Cyrus Costumes

10 Ways to Be Miley Cyrus For Halloween "Foam Fingers and Unicorn Onesies"

Miley Cyrus making her one of the go-to picks for a timely Halloween costume she's sported memorable looks on the red carpet, on stage, and in her music videos

Halloween couples costume! Robin Thicke & Miley Cyrus

If you're looking for a cute, different look for you and your partner this fall, try one of these fun celebrity couples Halloween costume ideas.

It's time to start thinking about your Halloween costume for 2016. Get ideas from these 55 best celebrity Halloween costumes to pin now and save for later: Miley Cyrus as Lil Kim

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