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Words are useless to describe the feeling when witnessing Mother Nature like this 🙌🏼 . Shooting with the fall fellas @gettyphotography @rootswalker @nicholassteinbergphotography @manuel_hutama 👍🏼 . Back home now and what a trip it was. Look forward to getting back in the flow in the next few days. Over 4,500 miles flying and driving. 1,500 photos 🙄 Fall in New England y'all it is indeed bliss on earth 👐🏼 . . #reflect #reflection #sunrise #summer #420 #1 #2 #photo #nikond810 #nikon…

2014 *Honda* *Accord* *Sedan* *LX* $17,420 miles 925-259-3738 Transmission: Automatic #Honda #Accord Sedan #used #cars #WinterChevroletHonda #Pittsburg #CA #tapcars

Havasupai stands for the “people of the blue-green water.” Once you get there, you’ll understand why. The Indian reservation is an isolated area just outside Grand Canyon National Park.

Jell-O Coin 86 - Freighter (1945) - In use by the RCAF and a few commercial companies in Canada, the British-built Bristol Freighter is distinguished by a bulbous nose section which opens to admit bulky cargoes. The landing gear is not retractable. Specifications: Wingspan 108 ft. Length 68 ft., 4 in. Weight 44,000 lbs. Speed 193 mph. Range 420 miles. Power from two 2,000-hp Bristol Hercules engines.

Asgardia's founders plan to send up a satellite in 2017 and eventually build a nation where people can live, work, and follow their own rules and regulations. While far from a reality, Asgardia does bring up questions about the legalities and logistics of space colonization.

#Chrysler neon i engine - 420h - build 1999 - #69842 #miles, View more on the LINK:

420 Games in Boulder emphasize pot use in athletic training

Penobscot Narrows Observatory, Bucksport, Maine- The green bridge is gone in this picture so its pretty recent.


Raven Cliff Falls, the highest waterfall in SC: it plunges off Raven Cliff Mtn at the Blue Ridge Escarpment near Caesars Head. Matthews Creek in Caesars Head SP: an est. 420'

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Pot Tourism: Colorado's 420 Friendly Accommodations

~420 friendly accommodations in Colorado, from the Mile High City and beyond. Learn more about Colorado "Bud and Breakfast" and travelTHC.