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from Laughing Squid

Grace Helbig and Mike Rugnetta Race to See Who Can Make and Drink a Shot of Thanksgiving-Themed Slurry the Fastest

Grace Helbig of the Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig podcast recently interviewed PBS Idea Channel host Mike Rugnetta. As part of Rugnetta's visit, Helbig challenged him to something called the "Blen...

from Laughing Squid

‘PBS Idea Channel’ Explores Whether Taylor Swift’s Writing Is the Source of Her Power

PBS Idea Channel host Mike Rugnetta recently explored whether Taylor Swift's writing it the source of her power. Specifically, Rugnetta delves into the idea and cultural implication that it is surp...

What if there is something beyond the network? | Mike Rugnetta | TEDxVienna

PBS Idea channel examines net neutrality and argues that it’s a public utility. Mike Rugnetta is the host of the show.