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Cheeseburger Tots

These Cheeseburger tots are tater tot bites filled with hamburger, cheese, pickles, and a special sauce. It’s like a bite size Big Mac served in a tater tot cup! This is an easy game day recipe for your upcoming super bowl party! It is an easy party food recipe that is going to wow your friends and family. Tater tots + Cheeseburger = instant winner!

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Fave Magazine Photography by Mike Ruiz Headpieces by Penny Chu at Model Nyamouch Griwath Makeup by Eliza Davila

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Spotted Eagle Ray. The spotted eagle ray is very distinctive with a flattened body and triangular corners to the wing-like pectoral fins. The snout is rounded and pointed at the tip, so that it resembles a bird’s beak. The tail is long and whip-like and bears 2 – 6 spines. The Spotted Eagle Rays possess highly attractive colouring; the uppersurface is blackish-blue with many white spots, whilst the underside is white .Photo Mike Smith (SmithShady - Flickr).

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Here's The Justice League As The Cast Of "Magic Mike"

These are the variant covers we deserve and need. | Here's The Justice League As The Cast Of "Magic Mike"

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Alice In Chains Bassist Mike Starr Dies At 44

Mike Starr -Loved this guy! Original bass player for Alice In Chains. This month (March 8th) marks his 1 year death. He was such a talented and kind hearted person, so sad.

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Mike Kelley, Influential American Artist, Dies at 57

Mike Kelly- series of sculptural pieces using children’s stuffed animals sewn onto or covered over with hand-knitted afghans.

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Creamed Spinach Tortellini with Seasoned Shrimp - 4 Sons 'R' Us

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DIAMOND RING, CIRCA 1925. The modified lozenge-shaped diamond weighing 9.18 carats, bordered by 6 baguette and 24 small round diamonds, mounted in platinum

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The train crew enjoy a little chat passing the time of day, 9th September 1963 Copyright Mike Roach

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