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Petition · Mike Ilitch: Change The Name Of The New Red Wings Arena To The 'Gordie Howe Arena' ·


Tigers owner Mike Ilitch driven to rebuild Detroit

Mike Ilitch, Owner of of the Detroit Tigers and Philanthropic wonder

What WSU, media didn’t tell you about Mike Ilitch School of Business


Projections Show Tigers Must Overachieve to Win Big = All winter, as Tigers general manager Al Avila has rebuilt the Detroit Tigers roster, one thing has become quite clear. As desperately as 86-year-old owner Mike Ilitch craves a World Series championship, and as much as he’s willing to spend to get it, it isn’t clear that.....

Detroit Tigers' Owner Mike Ilitch Won't Be a Quitter


Mike Ilitch net worth - 2.4 Billion bucks!

Mike Ilitch School of Business_Day

Ilitch, Tigers Go All in Again with Justin Upton = If anyone doubted Mike Ilitch’s commitment to winning a World Series, they shouldn’t after Monday night. In a move that seemed to materialize out of nowhere, the Tigers reportedly signed left fielder Justin Upton to a six-year, $133-million contract, filling the hole left by last season’s trade of Yoenis Cespedes. The deal.....

Mike Ilitch School of Business will be built next to Little Caesars Arena

DETROIT >> Mike Ilitch wanted more than just an incremental improvement…