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Petition · Mike Ilitch: Change The Name Of The New Red Wings Arena To The 'Gordie Howe Arena' ·

Tigers owner Mike Ilitch driven to rebuild Detroit

Mike Ilitch, Owner of of the Detroit Tigers and Philanthropic wonder

Tigers Spending $200 Million for Last Run at World Series Title = Two hundred million dollars. The Detroit Tigers’ window might be closing, but no one can complain about owner Mike Ilitch’s willingness to try to prop it open with piles of cash. When the Tigers reached a two-year, $18.5.....

Mike Ilitch School of Business will be built next to Little Caesars Arena

Vintage Verlander propels Tigers to key win = DETROIT — No, the Detroit Tigers never were going to be in full sell-mode. Owner Mike Ilitch has too much (almost $200 million) invested in this roster to give up on a potential stretch run — even after two crushing.....

A proud Mike Ilitch says he is just a part of the community

Mike Ilitch, patriarch of Little Caesar's and a sports dynasty, joined the family to praise his son.

Mike Ilitch, Little Cesar Pizza, Red Wings and Tigers owner, born in Michigan

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