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Tips for Working with Middle School Youth Choirs

20 tips for working with a middle school youth choir (6th-8th graders) - warm-ups, working with changing voices, choosing repertoire, and more! | @ashleydanyew

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I'm speechless when it comes to this song...just amazing for a middle school choir.

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Use these simple checklists and templates to plan for your upcoming middle school or elementary school choir concert!

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A great way to get started with your middle school choir! Includes warm up exercises, explanations and diagrams of important musical terms, and even an easy piece with accessible ranges to start your year off right.

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Oh No, I have to Teach Middle School Choir

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SINGO - This ice breaker game for our middle school choir was inspired by a pin from Christinia Huang. Each girl got a game card and walked around and tried to find girls who would complete the task. (We had several versions with different tasks/songs.) I printed them on 100 lb card stock so they wouldn't need clipboards.

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Warm up: Call and response clapping with great vocal inflections >>> Like how the beat is maintained throughout. Good choir warm up too.

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Choir student hoedown! This is a fun lesson plan for middle school and high school choir students, especially towards the end of the year when everyone is getting excited for summer!

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Whether you're new to working with middle school choirs or seeking advice on improving your effectiveness, you'll appreciate the useful hands-on strategies in The First Weeks of Middle School Chorus. Implement Freer's specific, ready-to-use tips immediately in your rehearsals. He reminds you of things you've forgotten, prompts you to reframe what you already do, and encourages you to try new approaches. Organized in lists for easy reference, the book takes you through the first weeks of…