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A painting of a costume that would have been in style from around the middle ages or before the 16th century.


I also kinda like this one. I'm noticing I like the way dresses were constructed from the medieval time period, as opposed to later during the actual Renaissance. But then again, I like simple styles that I can move around in, so that makes a lot of sense.


Fabulous elven style gown handmade by me for you to fit you perfectly - made in your measurements the gown is in a midnight blue crushed velvet the sleeves are semi fitted on the upper half ending with a band of gold braiding with celtic knot design. The lower sleeve is a trumpet shape that is slit so that it reveals the forearm it is lined in gold satin the neckline is trimmed in gold braiding and it has a corset style closure back with lacing corset style closure at the back to adjust to…


Lancaster (1430-1460) Heart-shaped headdresses were made by goldsmiths using rich fabrics and a gold mesh. Turban headdresses which were popular throughout the 15th century. Influence was Turkish, made of wire mesh and fabric.


Travel Dress - Basia collector. Studio for historical fashion, gothic and fantasy. Picture the Middle Ages