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Midcentury Sprinklers

Vintage Laundry Sprinkler Top

Vintage Laundry Sprinkler Top -- it fit in the top of any old pop bottle. I still have my Grandma's. I hated it when I was young because I would have to sprinkle all the clothes and then roll them up and put them in the fridge, wrapped in a towell, to keep them damp until my mother would get to ironing them. chh


Modern Design : Mid Century Modern Graphic Design Patterns Backsplash Bedroom Midcentury Expansive Fencing Home Builders Sprinklers mid century modern graphic design patterns ~ Ahhualongganggou

Baby Elephant American Pottery Sprinkle Bottle Mid-Century

This cute baby elephant vintage pottery sprinkler bottle has an adorable smile and an upraised trunk - a sign of good luck. Her deep black eyes are

Mid Century Modern Marque Privacy Screen or Trellis, 95.00 a Square Foot, Outdoor Divider, Googie, Mid Century Modern, Garden Sculptures


Dad put up the Outdoor Christmas decorations in about 12 seconds that year....then sold my twin brothers, Ronnie & Dick, at the Yard Sale so he had money to buy Mom that Crockpot she wanted so freakin' badly!


Antique Metal Sprinkler - Vintage Lawn Supplies, Gift For Gardner, Mid Century Garden Supplies, Home Decor, Gift For DAD, Industrial

Antique Metal Sprinkler, Vintage Lawn Supplies, GIft For Gardner, Midcentury Garden Supplies, Made in Chicago. $32.00, via Etsy.


Mid Century Atomic Era Sprinkler

Mid Century Atomic Era Sprinkler by MidniteGalaxyVintage on Etsy, $16.99 #atomic #vintage #etsy #midcentury #madmen #retro #vintagehome

Pastel fittings of the 50s--we still have a pastel pink bathroom ...I have resisted redecorating it because it is just so kitschy that I love it!