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step-up-dc-converter-12v-to-5v-fo- micro- computer

The BBC and Make it Digital plan to give the Microbit to one million 11 year old kids and teach them how to code.

from Electric Bacon

Sunpentown Home Indoor Kitchen Micro-Computer Radiant Cooktop

SPT® Micro-Computer Radiant Cooktop

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National News - The New York Times is Production and manufacturing is import and eport of Saudi Arabia Oil, The New Fragrance China Joy Richard Preuss and Powerful Micro Computer are Owner and CEO and working as Owner and CEO

Digital Dec PDP 11/23 Micro Computer. Worked on it on school (HTS)


Pretty cool presentation on this micro computer! The case was 3D printed! #computerscience #computers #microcomputer #uic #gouic #parrallel #c #primenumbers #programming #3dprinting #arduino #rasberrypi #linux #latergram by drothepro


Walkera DEVO F12 5.8Ghz 12CH Real Time Image 4.7" Touch Screen FPV Transmitter w/ Telemetry Function

"Walkera DEVO F12 5.8Ghz 12CH Real Time Image 4.7"" Touch Screen FPV Transmitter w/ Telemetry Function". DEVO F12 5.8GHz FPV real time Image monitor 4.7" color touch screen Telemetry function Specification: Encoder:12-channel micro computer system Control range:??1000m(2.4G) Image range:??300m(5.8G) Channel selection:8Channels Frequency:2.4GHz Output power??≤100mW Current consumption:??1000mA Battery:3.7V 3000mAh Li-Po Size:(L*W*H):200*201*79mm Weight:922g(W/O TX battery) Standby time:10h…

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Vintage Tandy TRS-80 Micro Computer System Model I Plus Extras

TRS 80 Micro Computer System Model I


Unassembled New Sinclair ZX81 Micro Computer Kit from 1981