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MICR font download

General Electric presents check with E13B font. The E13B font you still find on American checks kickstarted MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) and hence OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. And Kenneth Eldredge, the man in the picture, invented the first machine-readable typeface.


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MICR / E13-B Font for Windows

MICR / E13-B Font for Windows | Gemini (AKA Gemini Computer or Sonic) | From Phil’s Photo: Homage to the Alphabet, 1980. Designer and date unknown (circa 1970). Like Computer and Data 70, Gemini is an alphabetic extension of the MICR aesthetic, but more wonky than those other interpretations. Mattel Electronics tamed it for their logo. Gemini at Fonts In Use »

Cyril Power's notable linocut The Tube Station (1932)


I.B.M. bank check sorter. Technology of the late 60s, when the Big Blue dominated the computer world...