Michelle Branch - (07/02/1983)

Michelle Branch & New Boyfriend Patrick Carney Made an Excellent Pop-Rock Album: 'It Was Us Against The World'

Michelle Branch 2017

Hopeless Romantic finds Michelle Branch fully embracing her newfound freedom as she tells the last decade or so of her life in the most honest way possible.

Dear Michelle Branch, May I please look like you? You're like gorgeous. Ok thanks.

Michelle Branch, couple good songs with Santana, The Wreckers and on her own.


Michelle Branch Shares New Single “Hopeless Romantic” + New Album ‘Hopeless Romantic’ Out April

That song while Oz is packing and leaving, and we're left crying with Willow... I loved and hated that. Loved the song, hated the heartbreaking scene.

The end to my favorite Buffy episode, Tabula Rasa, and one of my favorite moments in the entire series. This version of Michelle Branch's song is soooo much better than the original. No matter how many times I watch this episode, the end always slays me.

Michelle Branch -- long been a fan of her music and passionate lyrics.

Michelle - Michelle Branch Wallpaper - Fanpop I like her song and beauty*

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Impression Obsession “Branches of a Tree” & Close to My Heart “Warm Memories”, michelle zindof tutorial