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Murder. Betrayal. Time behind bars. And now a gangsta living for the glory of God? Come to Liquid Church and hear the incredible story of Michael Franzese - a former Mob Boss for the Colombo crime family and learn how this "Goodfella" became a "Godfella" and now a man with a mission.

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Michael Franzese (prince of the mafia) is the son of Coloumbo capo John (Sonny) Franzese.

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Michael Franzese,son of John Sonny Franzese.Also known as the ,"Yuppie Don" and "The Mafia Prince."His own father put a hit on him.

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Michael Franzese (born May 27, 1951) is a former New York mobster and captain of…

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Michael Franzese 2009,caporigime for the columbo family in the eighties son of Sonny Franzese,he no longer associated with organized crime

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