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How to Get Rid of Mice With Peppermint Altoids

To get rid of mice forever, you'll have to seal your home and do some work before trapping and removing the mice.

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Poisoned Bait Dry cement powder Cornflour Directions: Mix 50/50 and place in a shallow dish or bait station in the path used by rodents (can be used for inside rodent control). After feeding the mouse will seek water outside which causes the cement powder to react, quickly killing the rodent. Source: Rats & Mice Rodent Control.

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If you are worried about your home becoming overrun with mice, skip the pest control and try using peppermint instead.

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less toxic pest control---listed by different kinds of pests. Ants (indoor and outdoor) Bagworms Bed Bugs Carpenter Ants Carpenter Bees (Tree-boring) Caterpillars Centipedes Chiggers Chinch Bugs Cockroaches Elm Leaf Beetles Fleas Grubs Gypsy Moths Head Lice Hemlock Woody Adelgid Mice Control Mold Mosquitoes Pantry Moths

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Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil - some people claims it works some others that it doesn't. There are instructions for making your own and this really clever way to use it instead of cotton balls.

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How to Get Rid of Mice With Cotton Balls & Vinegar

We've all heard folks scream "Eek, a mouse!" but we may not always realize that mice, too, have their own list of things they hate. The ...

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