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Mia Kirshner- Love her character on The L Word #VelvetSeduction @VSToysAndTreats Toys and Treats for Women Who Love Women

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Mia Kirshner as Sarah in The Crow: City Of Angels (1996) #miakirshner #thecrow #beautifulwomen

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Mia - jenny katherine- shane the l word Kirshner - schecter moennig - mccutcheon Outtake wax

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Jenny Shecter, The L Word If you've ever loved a friend with Borderline Personality disorder, you might love Jenny Shecter. Or you might hate her. Or both.

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Kenya (Mia Kirschner) the beautiful spitfire who runs the NeedWant, the town’s bar and brothel. Self-assured & dauntless, with an unwavering devotion to the town that has inexorably woven her into many of its complicated affairs. Raised by her more responsible sibling, she rebelled by making trouble & embracing her sexuality. She has a keen insight into the needs of others, but a blind spot when it comes to her own emotions.

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Anything worn by the character of Jenny Schecter in seasons 2-6 of The L word!

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