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Mexican Fathers Day


Days of Obligation: An Argument With My Mexican Father (Paperback)

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OUR ANCESTOR...MIGUEL HIDALGO COSTILLA...aka the Father of Mexican Independence. On September 16, 1810...Father Hidalgo rang the church bell to announce revolution against the Spanish. The anniversary of his call is celebrated as Mexico's Independence Day! This BEAUTIFUL ceiling mural is in the Jalisco Governmental Palace in Guatalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

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All About Mexico's Independence Day


Resistol Burned Brady Genuine Mexican Palm Cowboy Hat

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The main event of Independence Day in Mexico is when thousands of people join in the main plaza of Mexico City, the Zocalo. On the evening of September 15, many people come to the square dressed in traditional mexican clothing to join the fiesta. The square is packed with people by 11 p.m. when the President arrives to give the cry of Independence. He then rings the same bell as Father Hidalgo to recreate the moment when he signaled for a revolution. The ceremony ends with a VIVA MEXICO! #3B


Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, one of the founding fathers of modern Mexican drug trafficking, whose cartel based in the northwestern state of Sinaloa later split into some of Mexico's largest drug organizations. Fonseca Carrillo's attorney, Jose Luis Guizar, said his team had filed an appeal based on the same procedural grounds used by Caro Quintero, and expected him to be freed within 15 days by a different court in Jalisco.

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Mexican Flag Cufflinks Country of Mexico Handmade Cuff Links

Phelan Beale left Edith in 1934 and moved to his hunting lodge.  He later divorced her in 1946 by telegram from Mexico  (Little Edie referred to it as a "fake Mexican divorce" because it was not recognized by the Catholic Church).  Edith received child support, but no form of alimony.  She kept Grey Gardens as part of the settlement and found the imposing home difficult to maintain on her own financially.  Unable to support herself, her father would have to contribute upwards of $ 3,500 a…