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ya boid

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by may3104<<< I feel soo sorry every time for Team Rocket! That f*ckin Bewear xD

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I have too much money too worry about not having enough for the important stuff

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Remember when viktor got close to yuri when talking about his eros and it was while yurio was in Japan for the first time

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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Move Z

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So there really is

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Mew, #151, was originally added to the original Pokemon games as an insider prank by the staff at Game Freak without the intention of publicly revealing it to players of the games.

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by may3104

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Dancetale 4 by on @DeviantArt

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Not Accepting

Get in the bag, Nebby

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Don't know the reference but is accurate

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Oh my yes... I didn't realize how much I need this! Especially the dabbing Team Skull Member!

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(29) Twitter

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Nebby get in the bag!

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I want to hug Seven too ;-;

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