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Math - Metric conversion trick using "King Henry Died Unusually Drinking Chocolate Milk." This simplifies the whole metric conversion process and makes it fun! Includes a very nice freebie for grade 6


Free Printable Kitchen Conversions Chart

I used to always have to try to figure out the conversions in my head or check Google. But now this Free Printable Kitchen Conversions Chart is stuck to my fridge and makes it SO easy to make sure I am getting the right measurements.


Quickly convert pounds into kilograms (pounds to kg) using the online calculator for metric conversions and more. Description from I searched for this on


Milimeters to Inches Conversion Calculator -

Thank you, Mrs. Wade. This website is amazing. It has so many cool ideas. They are based on the primary level, but can easily be adapted to intermediate!


Metric Conversion Charts & Calculators for Metric Conversions || Temperature, Weight, Length, Area, Volume, Speed, Time || Use the Search Box to find your Required Metric Converter


Sharp Metric Conversion Calc

Metric Conversion Calculator. Metric Converter - with 44 built-in conversions. Fraction Display Twin Powered solar/battery. Sign Change, percent and square root keys. 3 key memory.