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Perseid Fireballs (splash): Best viewing of the Perseid Metior Shower is August 10th - August 13th this year...2013. If it is clear out, go outside after dark and have a look!

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Perseid Meteors and the Milky Way. Where will the next Perseid meteor appear? Sky enthusiasts who trekked outside for the Perseid meteor shower that peaked over the past few days typically had this question on their mind. Six meteors from this past weekend are visible in the above stacked image composite, including one bright fireball streaking along the band of the background Milky Way Galaxy.

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2012 Quadrantid Meteor Shower: Roberto Porto - Amateur photographer Roberto Porto snapped this photo of a Quadrantid meteor streaking over the volcanic island ofTenerife in Spain's Canary Islands on Jan. 4, 2012 during the meteor shower's peak.

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Milky way and metior showers Cherohala skyway