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There are always meteors burning up in the Earth's atmosphere, and during certain times of the year there are major meteor showers. You want to...

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Meteor Shower -Such a beautiful and simple song, its only short, it only has a few lines, yet it says and means more than 90% of songs getting released today. -The Saint

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Here comes the Perseid meteor shower!

"If you see one meteor shower this year, make it August's Perseids or December's Geminids," NASA says. "The Perseids feature fast and bright meteors that frequently leave trains, and in 2015 there will be no moonlight to upstage the shower."

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August 10 Shooting Star. I am sending you out into your backyard to watch for the Perseid meteor shower that reaches its peak over the next few nights. This is mainly one for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, but it is also worth watching in the Southern Hemisphere. Today’s block is Shooting Star, an early Ladies Art Company block (#16, c. 1895). It was also called Meteor Quilt by Nancy Page and Dutch Windmill in the Needlecraft Supply catalogues, c. 1938.

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INTERESTING PHOTO OF THE DAY: METEOR SHOWER | Looking like a cosmic fireworks show, today’s featured photo captures the annual Perseid meteor shower from a vantage point of Wyoming’s Snowy Range. The image you see below is actually a composite of 23 photos taken over seven hours, from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

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