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Covalent bonds are the sharing of electrons to reach octet and ionic are the transfer of electrons from one element to another.

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The Bonding Song Chemistry meets song and dance. For some learners both learn and enjoy the lesson. Note that music and video how many youth think these days. The core content is present here and packaged in an appealing way. Plus here is a way for students to imitate this method to write and perform their own lessons.

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Polar-Covalent Bonds: a bond between two non-metals where the electrons are unequally shared. -Jillian Charland

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GCSE Chemistry module: Structure and Bonding By the end of this topic you will have covered: - Ionic and covalent bonding - Metal structure and properties - Ionic compounds - Simple covalent molecules - Giant covalent structures GCSE revision videos and apps from LearnersCloud: To find out more and to start a free trial visit:

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Quartz Crystal Angel Aura. Angel Aura Quartz Crystals are created by bonding a natural clear Quartz crystal with a precious metal infusion of pure platinum and silver...

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