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Tiki Head - Mesoamerican

The Norse Vikings and the MesoAmerican Maya were by no means the same. Their cultures were very different and unique from one another.  However, there were a few similarities practiced between the two cultures. 1. Both the Maya and Viking cultures modified their teeth. The Vikings filed their teeth. A Swedish anthropologist analyzed 557 Viking skeletons dating from A.D. 800 to 1050 and discovered that 24 of them bore deep, horizontal grooves across their upper front teeth.  It is believed…

Miniature bottleMaya Late Classic Period 600–850 Object Place: Department of El Petén, Guatemala Mold-made, miniature pottery bottle embellished with a scene featuring the Classic Maya deities God K (K’awiil) and God L, which commonly adorn these...

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Mesoamerican Reef

“Central America’s Mesoamerican Reef is half the length of its famous Australian counterpart but in many ways more remarkable.”- October issue of National Geographic


History Aztec Maya Mesoamerican Artifact Warrior mask Scu...