"Arnegunde", 515-580 AD, Merovingian. What was being worn on the Continent, for comparison.(Anglo-Saxon)

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The entire Merovingian line is transmitted to Plantagenets only through Eleanor of Aquitaine

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Franks/Merovingian. Not sure if there's pants under there, but it's certainly not terribly long.

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Beautiful statue of Bertada of Laon - the mother of Charlemagne, the last Merovingian Queen, the wife of Pepin the Great and my 36th, 37th (x2) 38th, (x3) 39th, (x2) 40th (x2), 42nd & 43rd GGM. Buried at the Basilica of St Denis, Paris.

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Carolingian dynasty: was a Frankish noble family with originals in the Arnulfing and Pippinid clans of the 7th century.

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