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Nina Y.’s Twisted Fairy Tales Mix Fantasy with Surrealism

Although she possessed a fish’s tail, she wasn’t unbeautiful. Her hair long and blue, and a supernatural shine upon her scales, he beheld sturgeon and fine seals frolicking in her orange pupils. She held his hands now and comforted him, even in the very depths of despair. It worked, for he surrendered to her kind whim. He relaxed entirely, so much so he forgot where he was and the fact he needed air... # DOD2 #epicfantasy #destinyofdragons

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poor lonely space mermaid peeking, waiting for the space ranger prince to come for her with his rocket ship

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Mermaid Kariel wearing her Tail of Art in Hawaii. Get your own tail at

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mermaidhomedecor - Mermaid Soap & Ring Holder $39.99

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