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I'm a Knight - Merlin Style Threeeeee by on @deviantART

I'm a Knight - Merlin Style Threeeeee by on @deviantART

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"No one is talking about the biggest plot twist of the entire series though. guys. Merlin actually went to the tavern."

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"What have I told you about being funny?" "I shouldn't" .... "You know I never do as I'm told" :)

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Miranda Ferguson is a genius. This is probably my favorite Merlin pin ever.

Missing Merlin on

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The fact that Merlin doesn't even think Arthur likes him, when in truth, Arthur would die for him just as easily as Merlin would die for Arthur.

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One of Morgana's favorite tv shows - Merlin (and not just bc she's named after Morgana Le Fay )

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