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Mercury City Tower - Moscow, Russia

Mercury City Tower - Moscow, Russia


Doughnut Island, Whitianga, The Coromandel, NewZealand. What a stunning place to visit. May we suggest the Keen Newport for this adventure?! We think yes!


DOOMSDAY PLANE OVER DENVER: The aircraft – usually launched at the outbreak of a nuclear attack - was spotted circling by thousands of US citizens on the ground. The unbranded plane travelled across several states and changed directions numerous times, prompting a Twitter frenzy of conspiracy theories. These were only intensified after a spokeswoman for the Naval Air Forces confirmed the plane was in fact their own E-6B Mercury, also known as the Doomsday…


Title: Tasmania. The Switzerland of the south Creator/Contributor: Kelly, Harry, 1896-1967 (artist) Created/Published: Mercury Press Date issued: 1910-1959 (approximate)


Mercury is in 20 Degrees Gemini. Your mind is active, quick and agile. You are very restless and you get bored easily. Unless you receive constant mental stimulation, you become extremely nervous and begin to act in an unstable manner. You are probably a good student because of your natural inquisitiveness. You also love to travel. Your learning tends to be superficial, though, because you have a relatively short attention span. Try to develop the mental discipline to finish what you start.