You could use scrap book paper rolled up in a case for bracelets or this In a case for the watches.

Would be neat using textbook pages. Great visual merchandising (and notice how international the selection of papers?) :: ©sarah kaye photography- Great concept for watches or bracelet display.

DIY gold clothing rack for UNDER $30 - garment rack - spray painted clothing…

Before: After: I have always been a fan of keeping a clothing rack in my room, mostly because I have way too many clothes so keeping a few things out in my room is a good reminder to wear them (an…

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In Carnaby London, Scottish knitwear brand Lyle&Scott open a store designed by London based agency Brinkworth. Though it is not the most spatially efficient, having forward facing product is key

David Hlynsky, tussen 1986 en 1990 ontworp hij deze etalage. Met dramatische momenten en gebeurtenissen met nieuwswaarde.

Before shopping was shopping: Storefront photos from behind the Iron Curtain

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Berluti,Paris, France,"The Shoe Shine Guys: committed to helping you look your best!", pinned by Ton van der Veer