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Boys are dumb and guys are stupid....real men don't seem to exist anymore. >:P I HATE YOU ETHAN! YOU FREAKING USED ME TO GET AN A AT SCHOOL!!!!!!

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Say No to man-haters!! Only a weak, insecure, ignorant, immature, judgemental woman would say "real man". It's about PEOPLE, NOT GENDER!!! And everyone is different & some women are just too dumb for certain men. So don't take it out on the male gender because you can't get the man you want.

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Tamara Jaber shares sizzling bedroom snaps and relationship quotes

Guys are dumb. Only a man will realize this one. I know mine didnt realize. He the dumb one for that. Dumbass

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5 Tips for Building Muscle!

I kind of believe this... I'm sure you know your man is cheating on you. You just look the other way.

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This is so true!!!!!!! Sometimes I really question why people say men are stronger than women...

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100 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes of All Time! (11)

Quotes About Being Hurt express the feelings of anger, sadness and a sense of missed opportunities. Life is too short to mope and brood..

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Truth....thank god I surround myself with women who think highly of themselves...there are plenty desperate ones who cld care less...

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