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If you need scientific studies provided irrefutable proof that a woman is a person....go sit in the corner


Say No to man-haters!! Only a weak, insecure, ignorant, immature, judgemental woman would say "real man". It's about PEOPLE, NOT GENDER!!! And everyone is different & some women are just too dumb for certain men. So don't take it out on the male gender because you can't get the man you want.


The Karma for fucking over a nice girl is the bitch you end up with. My dear MIL has figured this out the hard way!!


If rather be a basic bitch. The a theistic psycho FUKed up bitch like you are engaged to a man who beats up people. X con!!! And you talk about rob being on the news. Can't wait to find shit on that carp you caught!!!


Boys are dumb and guys are stupid....real men don't seem to exist anymore. >:P I HATE YOU ETHAN! YOU FREAKING USED ME TO GET AN A AT SCHOOL!!!!!!