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Mobile Apps for ADHD Brains: Recommended Resources

Mobile Apps for ADHD Brains! Brain support for the overly active brain.

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Teach specific executive functioning skills with this free workbook sampler. Skills targeted include: planning, organization, time management, task initiation, working memory, metacognition, self-control, sustained attention, flexibility, and perseverance. FREE 6-12

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I want a guy to look at me like Newt Scamander looks at his creatures.

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How To Focus Better, Boost Concentration & Avoid Distractions

Many of us want to learn how to focus better. Effective study can only be achieved if you're able to focus complete attention on what you are trying to learn.

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Strategies for Strengthening Inhibitory Control. Inhibitory control is the ability to suppress the processing or expression of information that would disrupt the efficient completion of the goal at hand. Excellent for children with ADHD and/or Autism.

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ADHD and Executive Functioning Weekly HOMEWORK Planner

Kids and adults with ADHD or executive functioning struggles have difficulty with memory, planning, organizing, time management, and goal directed persistence. These are all important skills to be successful in school, as well as later in the workplace.

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Harry Potter

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23 Superfoods to add to your diet for a healthy life

‘Superfood’ is a broad term used to identify foods that have research-proven nutritional benefits. Whether you’re currently suffering from chronic …

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