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Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry, PhD, author, professor, television host and political commentator with a focus on African-American politics. She hosts the "Melissa Harris-Perry" TV show on MSNBC. She currently teaches politics at Tulane University (in New Orleans) and has taught at Princeton University and the University of Chicago.


Professor and MSNBC Host: Stop clinging to the outmoded notion that your children "belong to you" rather than to the Collective.


EXCLUSIVE Melissa HarrisPerry Interviews Anita Hill 25 Years Later

Melissa Harris Perry interviews Anita Hill 25 years after the controversial sexual harassment hearings that would change the country forever. |

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Sister Citizen by Melissa V. Harris-Perry

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The war on black intellectuals: What (mostly) white men keep getting wrong about public scholarship

Recently in the media we were able to witness a beautiful example of a professional woman who, in an awkward situation over something she was ultimately responsible for, chose to take ownership, be vulnerable and speak her truth.

After ugly departure from MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry signs on... #MSNBC: After ugly departure from MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry… #MSNBC

You Should be Watching The Nightly Show Let's keep it 100 there's two black people on late night and that's it. Trevor Noah who hosts The Daily Show and Larry Wilmore who hosts The Nightly Show. But that isn't why you should be watching. Okay that was weak tea. You should be watching because it is the blackest show on late night television and that's a good thing. In my life I can only remember one other television show that aired more than once a week discussing issues from a black…