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After killing stuffed animals I like to enjoy a nice milkshake If you haven't seen the #pityparty music video you can click the link in my bio! @doedeere did my makeup! If you love doing makeup I'd love to check out your clown faces! Post a photo of you as a creepy bby clown and use #pitypartyclown


((FC: Melanie Martinez)) Name: Courtney Walker/Doll Face, Age: 19, specializes in fire and explosives, keeps to herself and doesn't speak much unless spoken to. ((Comment to claim, repost as bio. Additional questions ask @QueenCharcoal or @QueenofFandoms1))


GINGERBREAD MAN Wanted to give you guys an early Christmas present! This song is only available on youtube and soundcloud (link in bio) ✨Produced by @michaelkeenan + @arthurmcarthur ✨ Illustration by @chloetersigni


🍪🍼💕Tag, You're it/ Milk and cookies DOUBLE FEATURE 💕🍼🍪 🌟🌟🌟LINK IN BIO🌟🌟🌟 Another one I directed👶🏼🍦 this is a bts #35mm film photo taken day of the shoot 💘


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The Melanie Martinez tutorial went up last night! Link is in my bio! It's been so awesome reading your comments on this one. You're all so passionate & that's such a good thing whether you're into makeup or not. I also loved reading so many comments from people with gap teeth who said seeing a video like this makes them feel more confident. You should! If you love something on someone else (like Melanie's amazing smile), you shouldn't be so hard about it on yourself ️