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Mei from overwatch! I got to play capture the flag for the chinese new year event, but waaah; wasn& enough I got busy last month so I didnt get to grind as much and I& sad I didn& ge.

Winter Mei skin concept

Winter Mei skin concept

overwatch meimeis and chill thread: Cheers love, the cavalry is queer!

Just an idea for a junker Mei skin. Girl, you spending too much time around Junkrat and Roadhog!

ArtStation - Overwatch|Mei animated short, Jungah Lee

ArtStation - Overwatch|Mei animated short, Jungah Lee

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aly-the-alligator: “ borealisowl: “GONG XI FA CAI / 贺崽Load OQ ” They’re married. Sorry guys I don’t make the rules.

Make Overwatch great again. I find this funnier than it should be

Bè non pensavo che la politica influenzasse overwatch.

Overwatch: Carbon Fiber D.VA with Meka Pop figure by Funko, Blizzard Gear exclusive

The new Overwatch® Pop! This all-star lineup of heroes includes frost-flinging Mei,outlaw cowboy McCree, light-b

Overwatch - Mei Year of the Rooster Edition

Year of the Rooster Mei ♥ Luna Skin

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I want a fairy skin for each n every hero, they look so gooood!

Pre Order Overwatch D.VA/Mei/Tracer/Mercy Embroidery Cheongsam Dress SD02268

way better than her actual skin for year of the rooster