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Megyn Kelly Family

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Megyn Kelly Said Donald Trump Once Tried to Woo Her

Megyn Kelly Reveals That Donald Trump Tried to Woo Her with Notes and Phone Calls Before She Smacked Him Down at GOP Debate


Bill O’Reilly to Megyn Kelly, “…[Obama] is not a bad guy, I think people misread him.” Sounds eerily like what Chamberlain said of Hitler

from The Daily Signal

Megyn Kelly: Why Is Obama Silent About Kate Steinle?

Megyn Kelly: Why Is Obama Silent About Kate Steinle?In the wake of 32-year-old Kate Steinle’s murder by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco, the Obama administration has remained silent, Fox News host Megyn Kelly pointed out. “Surrounded by friends and family, it does not appear at this hour that anyone from the Obama administration was in attendance,” Kelly said of Steinle’s funeral services that were held Thursday evening.


Donald Trump Is Right About Megyn Kelly -- Trump is saying he’d rather confront an honest opponent who he knows hates him, than walk into a dishonest interview unsure of their masked ‘angle’.


Family Security Matters: Megyn Kelly Update:

from Salon

Live-blogging the inevitably insane Duggar family interview with Megyn Kelly

If you're looking for a sensitive dissection of a family in crisis, you're in the wrong place