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"Supernatural" As Told By Someone Who's Never Seen It

But they seem to kick ass on the way out so it’s fine. | "Supernatural" As Told By Someone Who's Never Seen It

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Here's to Meg Masters by far one of my favorite supernatural demons :D "now I'm kinda good, which sucks, and your kind of bad... which is actually all manner of hot"

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No one ever talks about the first Meg. But she was the one who set the precedence: sassy speeches, that quiet talk whether it be anger or taunting, calling the Winchester's "boys".

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Oh Meg, I miss you!! 7x21 "Reading in Fundamental" #Supernatural Hope they find a way to bring back this actress as Meg. Hey! They have brought back others

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She made Meg her own <----- Exactly! I always think of her as Meg instead of the original actress!

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I am repinning this ONLY to say that this is LIES! I LOVE AND MISS MEG, SHE IS MISSED!!!!!!! I HAD A DAY OF SADNESS OF HER! LIES I TELL YOU!

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