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Meet my online friends in person. Check; got to meet a bunch of friends from the server I play on Neverwinter Nights.

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Kids: Has your friend confided to you that they're going to meet an online pal in person? Have they ignored your warnings about the dangers of doing this? Please tell your friend's parents about what's happening ASAP! Its not really tattling, because you're saving your friend's life! #computersafety #internetsafety #kids

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This is so true I'm so thankful for all of my internet friends and internet best friends. I love you guys

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Fun stuff to do with someone you're dating or with friends

I honestly don't know what I'd do without my online friends. I have literally laughed and cried with them. I love them. Plain as day.

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@renaissancegirl ~ @lenniefreeman ~ @pasadenarn ~ @antzinmypantz ~@marymed ~ @kcanevari (and the rest Pinterest wouldn't let me tag). Wouldn't that be nice. ❤️

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Except, "Meet my online friends" as all my "online friends" I know in real life..
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