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Dealing With "Medusa" Women submitted by Paul Dobransky MD 3/27/2011 @

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1889 jellyfish scene medusa ocean original sea antique print

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Beautiful Digital Illustrations by Lilia Osipova- So sad. Medusa's story is a tragic one.

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medusa images | Inspired by Medusa (Greek: Μέδουσα (Médousa), "guardian ...

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Layered Glass Sculptures Mimic the Everyday Drama of the Natural World

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Athene receives the head of Medousa from Perseus. The hero is depicted as a young man, wearing the winged boots of Hermes and the cap of darkness on his head. Athene holds the Gorgoneion (Gorgon head) by its snaky locks, its image reflecting in the mirror of the shield. ca 400 - 385 BC

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Photographer: Sylva Welch Makeup: Alexia Petre Models: V Nixie, Laura Noxon, Leah Estella, ...

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Astronomy Picture of the Day 2017 January 7 Sharpless 249 and the Jellyfish Nebula Image Credit & Copyright: Eric Coles

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The Country Where 15 Women Are Killed Each Day, Simply For Being Women

The Country Where 15 Women are Killed a Day, Simply For Being Women

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